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The Birth of BrokenButLoved


BrokenButLoved was born out of pain and loss. It exists specifically to help teens and young adults, ages 12 - 22  and their families received support, love and encouragement while on the road to recovery from drugs and/or alcohol abuse.  We are also here to help loved ones deal with the devastating consequences of drug addiction. When a young person is suffering from addiction family dynamics change quickly. The consequences are often varied and may include deception, theft, violence, run-a-way behavior, detention/prison, and even death.


Regardless of whether you are the addicted or a loved one your life has changed. Those changes are monumental and you don't have to go through them alone.  I have walked through them, I have lived them and I found we are sorely lacking in resources to help this age group.  I am not a doctor but I am a mother and a warrior that has been side by side with my daughter through her nine year addiction to drugs. Within the pages of this website you will find our personal story, mistakes included because I certainly made plenty. There will be honesty - I don't sugar coat this issue.


On September 1, 2007 my beloved daughter Angela lost her nine year battle with drug addiction and Bi-Polar disorder. Her life had been plagued with abandonment and betrayal paralleling  her life as an Honor Role student, softball player and brilliant writer.  Her drug of choice ended up to be Heroin, it consumed her pain and stole her life at the tender age of 22. While her death was accidental her choice of drug was intentional.  As she fought an enemy she could not see, only feel she searched for a weapon that would kill all her torment.


This organization has been built in memory of our precious daughter Angela; the focus on the youth of America. My prayer is that through love, education, communication and hope we can minimize the casualties in a war that cannot be won.